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BitTorrent users should know that there are a lot more of its clients which can be used for bigger advantage. Currently known as TorrentFunk client powerfully endowed with several features that address most users’ needs. Although it may seem complex to most users, the TorrentFunk application is known for its capacity to let users find any desired torrent from a tracker or a website. It maintains a light footprint and allows torrents to be quickly downloaded. Moreover, TorrentFunk has a complete BitTorrent package that does not decrease computer speed while doing the download.

Automated tasks and neat tricks are entailed with TorrentFunk because categories and tags are assigned to a particular torrent in order to classify it in a way like news, video or any other forms of torrents available. Categorizing can help users organize their files after downloading them from websites and trackers. It has the ability to support one category for each kind of torrent. Categories can be assigned manually by a right click and selecting the “Assign Category” button. This provides you the option to select a pre-existing category or create a new one.

In case you want to assign categories to RSS downloads, you need to acquire subscriptions. This is done through right-clicking a subscription then selecting “Assign Category” – if this is done, all downloaded content in that subscription will automatically be assigned in a certain category. Moreover, the program has this trick to designate a category for auto-transcoding towards an external viewing device.

In order to assign a category towards a device, switch on the “Device Playback” on the right hand pane. When prompted, install add-on. Make sure that the network and the device are connected before right-clicking the category and selecting “auto device”. You can choose the encoding format and the device. After these steps, expect that all downloaded torrents will be automatically sent to the device. This trick can be very helpful if you want, for instance, to let everybody at home watch a movie through a tablet. You can instantly make a category for the movies you downloaded and then set the Auto Device to the tablet.

Moreover, even if RSS feeds can only be offered by websites using torrents, regular users can create these feeds and can share content to others. For example, your friend would use this to build family videos. He needs to create a category for these videos and utilize the “Share” feature. TorrentFunk can drag and drop videos too, automatically create torrents ready for seeding. These torrents can then be assigned to the category. Through the “Create Local RSS”, the videos will then be forwarded as RSS feeds.

TorrentFunk gives you a BitTorrent client that makes downloading a great experience. Sharing of downloads has been very efficient since the scope for downloading and seeding has been broadened and eased out. It does not contain all the complexities but would rather let to enjoy it and have a great seeding and sharing experience.