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Pirating Game of Thrones has no impact on sales

tv_series_screen435Everyone is aware of Game of Thrones and it is watched by millions of people around the globe because of its graphics, interesting plot line and set, and various other things that make one glued to the screen all the times. Game of Thrones is recognized for fun and uniqueness. As it is so much famous, the number of viewers has skyrocketed, but at the same time the number of pirate viewers has also shooted phenomenally and it came as a shock to HBO. The rate of piracy especially increased for third season’s first episodes as it was one of the awesome episodes keeping in mind that there is more to come.

One reason that can be understood for millions of people downloading is that for people residing outside the United Stated have to wait almost a week to watch the latest episode, for fans this much waiting is too much to bear and often the best option is to download and watch. Regarding this, HBO is trying its level best to bridge the gap of the waiting period, in this way people might watch it live rather than getting involved in piracy, sharing copies and downloading.

The programming president of HBO is quite optimistic and happy about this piracy. He states that he is not really concerned at this level regarding piracy and views this phenomenal increase as a success rather than a failure because at the same time they have not suffered any loss, indeed they have been rewarded with profits at the same time. He stated it rather humorously that if the loss of money on piracy could have been invested in the dragons, so if the dragon fans want to see dragons they should simply stop downloading illegally. He also stated that they are in fact benefiting from the cultural buzz and comments that can help them improve more rather than any loss.

However, as far as monetary loss is concerned then it hasn’t affected the Game of Thrones much because of its wide audience and various other factors that the HBO is working on, though a bit slow but somewhat successful. However, at the same time, profits are not everything for them, praises to their fellow actors counts a lot for the motivation and that is equally important for the show to move in the positive direction.

However, keeping in mind all this there are some internet morals and ethics which should be known by all. Getting involved in illegal copying and sharing is not such a good idea when at the same time the Internet Service Providers are planning to keep track of people who are involved in all these illegal work by first giving the people warning, then putting them on restriction and then finally cutting down their services. How successful will the ISPs be depends on the support that they receive as many people at the same time are of the view that their personal privacy is at stake, which many people are not huge fans of.