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The BitTorrent protocol is a network that was designed over 10 years ago to facilitate in data transfer and to quicken the speed at which files are downloaded and shared with other users on the internet. BitTorrent has quickly become one of the most popular networks on the internet for downloading and sharing files between users. This article will give an in-depth analysis about how to download files using the network and how to get the best results while getting the data.

To start you need to locate a file which you want to get. Torrent files always have a .torrent extension, making them easy to locate. You can find torrents by visiting one of the numerous torrent engines available. After finding the torrent you wish to download you can open it with a BitTorrent client. The client you choose must be able to connect to the available trackers for the torrent you have selected. The tracker then receives a list of peers who are in the process of transferring files and information related to the torrent between each other.

BitTorrent client generally incorporates a wide array of mechanisms into the design of its software which improves the speed of files that are being downloaded. A common method is to download files in random order, meaning files can be downloaded only when their speeds have peaked and reached optimum levels. The BitTorrent protocol and network incorporates swarming, meaning the client receives part of the bandwidth in exchange for the chance of finding a more preferable seed from which to download content. This has the effect of ensuring newcomers get the chance to join the swarm and download their favorite content with ease.


There are numerous advantages associated to downloading .torrent files using the BitTorrent network. As the largest network around for downloading torrent files almost every program conforms to BitTorrent protocol, which makes it easier to find a program that is suitable for downloading your favorite programs. Another advantage is that the platform allows for multiple files to be bundled together in the same set. This allows for unpopular content to be distributed at rates akin to popular content.

Another advantage of the network in general is that files can be distributed quickly and easily thanks to the seeder, and peer system setup by the program. BitTorrent network is the only one that allows users to turn their individual computer setups into servers from which they can host their favorite torrents and other related content. This frees up server space on official servers for more important programs and applications, and allows the majority of hosting to occur on personal computers.

The final advantage you can obtain from using it is overall faster performance speed. Because the BitTorrent network allows you to seed your own files from your computer system, and download files in a randomized order, you are able to download files at a much faster rate and have much faster download speeds on the whole.