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When it comes to downloading your favorite torrent files on the internet there are numerous clients available for tracking and downloading all your favorites. TorrentFunk has a relatively new client that allows you to track, download and manage a wide variety of files on the internet. It is a primary competitor to the popular BitTorrent software, although TorrentFunk has different features that make it distinct from its competitor.


TorrentFunk has just released their newest version, version 4.0 which incorporates a cleaner and overall lighter feel into the program. The update has also added more functions such as the “Torrents HD Network” which allows you to search only for torrent media which is in high definition. Another new feature is the “Find, download and play” one which makes it much quicker to search for your favorite torrent files and download them onto your computer. You can upgrade your membership to a subscription plan which gives many more features including the ability to setup an RSS feed, review community generated links and more.

Setting up TorrentFunk

You can find the TorrentFunk software on its website. Downloading is free, and there is an option to upgrade to a free plan which unlocks more functionality. After installing you must configure the program so it can properly download files. First, click on the Help menu and then click “NAT/Firewall Test.” This will test your computer’s firewall to see if it can establish a stable connection. If the test fails you will have to allow access to the internet by configuring your firewall settings.

After you have established a secure connection you can run the configuration wizard which allows you change options relating to where your files will be downloaded to on your computer, the speed at which your files will download at, and you can also select your overall proficiency with using the program which will allow for helpful hints and tips to popup if needed.

Downloading Torrents

TorrentFunk’s primary use is for downloading, tracking and managing torrent files. It has numerous options incorporated into the software which make downloading your favorite programs and movies easier. The “Torrents HD” network option configures TorrentFunk to only download files and torrents that are in high definition. TorrentFunk automatically plays all media files after their download has been completed.

The system incorporates a tracker setting which allows you to connect the software to your favorite torrent websites. This allows you to search for your favorite torrents directly through the software instead of having to visit the website, search for your torrents and then commence the download. Another neat option is the subscription feature. These are community based subscriptions which basically resemble an advanced RSS feed. Users are allowed to create subscription templates which are free and available to be downloaded by anybody using the TorrentFunk software. Using the subscription service is good if you want to avoid duplicate content and avoid wasting unnecessary bandwidth due to duplicate downloads.

TorrentFunk can be used by this bittorrent client that allows users to download easily and quickly their favorite songs, movies, games and programs all from the comfort of their home. TorrentFunk is a direct competitor to the popular BitTorrent software which is used for downloading, tracking and managing torrent files. It is very popular thanks to a wide array of features, as listed and described below:

Meta search – The primary feature that sets TorrentFunk apart from other bittorrent clients is that it includes a search function. This function allows you to search for any type of torrent program you are interested in downloading directly from the client. The function collects data from a wide range of websites which host torrents and then gives you the results in order of importance and relevance. You can customize the list and add your own customization and functionality by configuring websites that you have personal profiles on to get more personalized results.

Subscriptions – You can subscribe to people’s channels which allow you to find content that is similar to the content you’re already downloading. This allows you to quickly find programs that you’re interested in without having to search for specific files. Related data that may suit your interests appears in the sidebar of the program upon signing up to a subscription.

Web remote – TorrentFunk incorporates a cool feature called Web Remote which lets you control downloads and torrents from anywhere in the world from within the software’s interface. All that is required is the pairing code and a solid internet connection.

HD player – There is a built-in HD video player that comes with the TorrentFunk software. This player is capable of playing back high-definition video and movies after they are done being downloaded. This video player supports a wide range of formats including XVID, MP3, AVI and Quicktime. The HD player is also capable of automatically downloading subtitles in any chosen language at the click of a button.

Device playback – If you own a smartphone, tablet or MP3 player you can quickly sync all media from it to your device. Simply plug your device into your computer and then drag and drop the files you want on your device from the library.

Play now – Instead of waiting until your torrent is completed downloading before watching, the Play Now feature allows you to begin watching as soon as a few pieces are downloaded.